Student Dormitories Accordion Title

     One of the purposes of having dormitories in the campus is to improve learning environment, to let students have better opportunities to exchange their attitudes and view points, to foster good relationship and friendship, to develop students’ characters on many aspects such as how to live together in orderly manner as well as to learn to be responsible to ourselves and to the public in general.

International Dormitories

     International students will be accommodated on the 15th Floor of the dormitories: number 10 (Female) and number 11 (Male), having a total of total 64 rooms.

Dormitory Reservation

  • 1st year students must contact their faculty to book a room for them
  • 2nd-4th year students can book the room online at: www.interaffairs.psu.ac.th/interdorm
  • all students under the THE-AC scholarship can also book a room online: www.interaffairs.psu.ac.th/interdorm

For more information, please contact the PSU International Students and Staff Office, located at the Ground Floor, President’s Office Building, PSU Hat Yai Campus; Tel. 074-282968; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternative Accommodation
One may opt to lease housing in town:

  • most apartments in Hat Yai and the surrounding areas are similar to studio apartments: a single room with a restroom and balcony.
  • houses may also be rented, if you let your PSU contact know well in advance.

How to book off-campus housing?

  • please contact the International Affairs officer/ adviser at your faculty in order for them to help you book an off-campus accommodation.

Eligibility and Priority for the Residency of Student Dormitories:

     Every student who resides in the university dormitory must transfer their house registration to their current place of resident in the dormitory, except those student whose house registration is in Songkla Province. They may change their house registration after graduation or after they are no longer a resident in the university dormitories. The rules and regulations employed in selecting students who are eligible to stay in the university dormitories are as follows:

  1. The university will offer a place of residence in university dormitories for every first year student and for every 2nd- 4th year students of the Faculty of Nursing.
  2. The university will allot a place in university dormitories for each student who has health problem and/or chronic or congenital conditions which has been certified by doctors that daily travel from home to study at the university will adversely affect the health of the students. There are quotas for dormitory student committees, administrative members of the student council, members of the student administrative board, presidents, treasuries and secretaries of associations and clubs affiliated with the student organizations, not more than 25 members of the committee of student association of each faculty; and outstanding athletes and performers who bring recognition to the university as well as other students deem proper by the university. The available vacancies will be given to other students who request residency in the dormitories, by balloting.
  3. The 3rd – 4th years nursing students will be able to stay in the dormitory of the Faculty of Nursing.
  4. The 2nd – 6th years medical students will be able to stay in the dormitory of the Faculty of Medicine.

Alternative Accommodation

     Some foreigners may opt to lease housing in town. Most apartments in Hat Yai and the surrounding areas are similar to studio apartments - a single room with a restroom and balcony. Houses may also be rented, if you let your PSU contact know well in advance.


http:// student.psu.ac.th/news


Office of Student Dormitories, located at the entrance of Student Dormitory.

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 8.30 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

  • Male Dormitory Unit (Dorm1, 2 and 6) Tel. 0-74-28-2681
  • Female Dormitory Unit (Dorm 3,4, 5, 7 and 15) Tel. 0-7428-2212
  • Dorm 8-9 Tel. 0-7427-6000
  • Dorm 10-11 Tel. 0-7427-6777
  • Head of Housing Affairs Tel. 0-7428-2111, 0-7444-67
  • Website: http://student.psu.ac.th/information/dorm/