Academic and Research Scholarships

1. Teaching Assistant (TA) Scholarship

Number of scholarships : 40 per year

Specific Qualification : Master students

Funding Value : 30,000 Baht

Conditions :

1. Support Work that is related to the field of study :
    1.1 Assist in the operation of undergraduate degree programs;
    1.2 Help with the assessment of student assignments at undergraduate level;
    1.3 Be a teaching assistant or tutor at undergraduate level;
    1.4 Other academic work as assigned by the head of department.
2. The grant recipient performs the abovementioned duties for the department.

Application Period : April-May

Selection method : The faculties nominate students for the teaching assistant grants, and the Graduate School then distributes the available grants to based on student qualifications and faculty size

2. Graduate School's Research Funding for Community Problem Solving

Number of scholarships : 10 per year

Specific Qualification : Master student of plan A 1 or Ph.D. student

Funding Value : Not exceeding 50,000 Baht

Duration of Funding : up to 2 years

Requirement for English Proficiency :
1. The topic must address a local problem in southern Thailand.
2. The research has to have a public impact on society and economy.
3. The research outcome has to be tangible and apparent.

Application Period : April - May

Selection method :
1. The first round examines the research project documentation;
2. Candidates who have passed the first round will be interviewed by the scholarship committee.

3. Research Grant for Thesis

Number of scholarships : No definite number depending on the allocated budget and numbers of applicants

Specific Qualification : Current Graduate Students must get the approval of thesis proposal within the due date.

Funding Value :
1. Doctoral Level

    - Scientific experiment/scientific instrument development:  50,000 Baht*

    - Survey/descriptive study/experiment in social sciences: 28,000 Baht*

2. Master Level

    - Scientific experiment/scientific instrument development/innovation requiring costly materials: 12,000 Baht*

    - Survey/descriptive study/experiment in social sciences: 6,000 Baht*

*Remark: Funding amount may be lower than the maximum amount shown in the table, depending on the allocated budget and numbers of applicants.

Duration of Funding : 2 fiscal years

Application Period : March